Our Services

Literary translation, coded game localisation, website review and many other fields, here are the services we offer, they can be considered separately or in a bundle. All services have specific fees per word, according to the language combination and the nature of the service.

Most of our services are quoted based on the word-count. You can choose a single service, (e.g. the Translation of a one-page letter, or the Quality Check of a Translation) or combine them, up to the full service: Translation, Quality Check on Translation, Editing (and Feedback), Quality Check on Editing.

Translation (TR)

This is our main service, where we provide a copy of the original document in the target language, with a natural sound, style, and flow, so that the outcome will sound and seem like a document written originally by a native speaker of the target language, rather than a processed and unnatural document.

All translations are performed by human, professional individuals. Our translators know we have a zero tolerance policy towards machine translation. Deadlines and layout are agreed upon and respected.

Editing (ED)

Mistakes can happen to anyone. The editor compares the first translation with the original source and edits it, suggesting all possible corrections in order to improve, fix, amend and finish the document. Finally, the editor also provides feedback on the given Translation.

All suggestions are tracked and the delivery includes two documents, one with all the changes tracked and visible, the other in a clean final version, with all changes accepted. This helps the translator and all other parties involved (client, Quality Check) to understand the process and evaluate the changes.

Quality Check (QC)

This is an additional service that ensures the quality of our service remains the highest possible. The QC service is often outsourced to multiple external professionals, in order to receive an impartial and balanced assessment. The QC can be performed both on the Translation and on the Editing.

The professionals hired to check the quality read the provided Translation or Editing and compare it with the original source, taking personal notes on how accurate and error-free the document is. Then they evaluate the quality by answering a few questions in the pertinent form (Quality Check on Translation OR Quality Check on Editing).

Other Services (hourly)

The portfolio of services we can offer is vast. Subtitling, website review, project managing, document layout, interpreting, etc. These services are quoted and performed on an hourly-fee basis.

All details of the service, estimated overall cost, terms of delivery, final outcome, documents, will be agreed upon with the client and vary according to the specific needs and features of the object of the service.