Liber is the literary translation branch of Best Translators Online. Our service isn’t about simply translating your book word-for-word. It’s our job to re-create the feelings, stories and nuances of your original work in a new language and culture, and by doing so, open it up to an entirely new audience of readers.

One of our most exciting projects was working with the company Chipex, who specialize in car touch-up paint. Chipex was launched in 2009 with the aim to enable people to repair paint damage on their vehicles at home. They have helped thousands of people with their easy-to-use products. The company was established in the UK and has recently begun expanding to foreign markets, such as Italy, Sweden, France, Spain, and Germany.

As a translator you occasionally get asked to do some fairly hefty projects in a short space of time. Last year, this very thing happened to me. The renowned author Denis Murano had just completed his latest book “Selezioni Inumane” in collaboration with David Buonaventura and wanted to release it in English in late March. I received the request mid-February. An entire book. Over 70,000 words. Was it possible? I had no idea. As a freelancer, you can have some “quiet” periods in which work isn’t coming in as regularly as you’d like. This was the situation I was in and, with bills to pay, I accepted this ambitious assignment.

I’d studied Italian for many years before moving here, I put no effort into practicing the pronunciation. I told myself something along the lines of: “learning a language from scratch is hard enough already. I don’t care what I sound like!” but, as I discovered in this moment (which was, thankfully, very soon into moving here) it wasn’t really a matter of sounding good, it was about being comprehensible. I’ve compiled together 3 tips that have helped me to improve my pronunciation in my second language. I guarantee, if you put in the time and follow them carefully, you’ll have people complimenting you, rather than making jokes at your expense.

In this article I’ll share with you what I consider to be the 5 most important steps towards truly mastering your second language. Start by understanding and memorizing the simple present, past and future of the 5-10 most common verbs to begin with. Then in combination with the next step, you’ll have enough to start having basic conversations. Which brings us to…

Have you ever wondered about the translations you’ve received? How can translators ensure accuracy? How do you know, as a client, that it is a good or better yet the best translation? We summarised some key points to provide some insight into that question. If you are looking to have something translated but are not sure how to choose a translator, here are some things you want to consider.

The best translation of a game is a very specific challenge. Game localisation involves much more than just language. You need intuition in understanding the game mood and environment, accuracy in spotting the places where to perform the translation. You also deal with code strings, cells which require a short text, expressions which reflect a specific wording.