• Word count: up to 14,000 (constantly updated)
  • Languages: 15+
  • Client: Tamalaki Games

Runefall is an innovative Medieval match-3 adventure game that pairs the classic matching with exploration and discovery, item collection, quests, town building, and more! Traverse HUGE environments, collect resources, overcome obstacles, and upgrade the town of Rivermoor.

A mix of old English, puns, flexible user interface, variables, and coded text made this game localisation more intriguing. Our translators had to read through some tough lines such as:

  • “{0} and {1} are not in the same row… ”
  • “We’ll each need a <color=#FF8000>lantern</color>”
  • “<color=#DDDDDDFF>This will exit the game. Are you sure?</color>”

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Our Team

Danish, Javad. Runefall has its own story which might give a good sense in English. However, when the story has to be translated to Danish a great understanding of the game and storylines were needed in order to live up to the creativity of the game. Runefall har sin helt egen unikke historie som giver rigtig god mening på Engelsk. Derfor var det vigtigt for os, at sætte os ind i historien for at kunne gengive den samme historie til deres Danske kunder.

Dutch, Nuala. Runefall is a one-of-a-kind game, it’s very fun and the translations are very interesting because of the context. Runefall is een originele game, lijkt erg leuk en de vertalingen waren door de context erg interessant.

German, Diana. Runefall required a special type of finesse: rendering medieval flair with contemporary language. Man muss ein gwisses Feingefühl für Runefall an den Tag bringen, um mittelalterliches Flair mit moderner Sprache zu erschaffen.

Indonesian, Emilia. Localising Runefall was more than a simple translation, but to customize the language into the right context to create a great experience for the players. Melokalisasi Runefall lebih dari sekedar menerjemahkan, tetapi menyesuaikan bahasa ke dalam konteks yang tepat untuk memberikan pengalaman menyenangkan bagi para pemain.

Italian, Emanuele. Runefall is a very unique game, localisation needed a full understanding of the gameplay and some creativity for the Medieval quests, all within a rich code. Runefall è un gioco davvero unico, la localizzazione ha richiesto una comprensione approfondita del gioco e anche creatività per le sfide medievali, il tutto in un codice molto denso.

Korean, Lisa.  I participated only short sentences but it seemed interesting to play the Runefall, and as they updated with new languages, hope more people around the world can enjoy it! 비록 몇몇 문장들의 번역에만 참여했지만, Runfell은 재밌는 게임일거라고 생각되었씁니다. 또한 최근에 새로운 언어들이 업데이트 되었다고하니 전 세계에 더 많은 사람들이 이 게임을 즐기길 바랍니다!

Polish, Zuzanna. Working on Runefall was an interesting experience, enriched by the uncommon vocabulary and the game’s originality. Praca nad Runefall była ciekawym doświadczeniem, wzbogaconym przez niecodzienny język i oryginalność gry.

Portuguese, Sérgio Being a fan of all kinds of games from the Medieval period, for me, it was quite easy and interesting to translate some parts of Runefall into Portuguese, which will certainly help all Portuguese-speaking players to get the most out of this game. Sendo um fã de todo o tipo de jogos do período Medieval, para mim, foi bastante fácil e interessante traduzir alguns trechos de Runefall para português, o que decerto ajudará todos os jogadores de língua portuguesa a tirarem o máximo partido deste jogo.

Spanish, Julieta. Runefall is an interesting game, once you immerse yourself in the medieval world and the gameplay, after doing some research, it becomes easy to express to users. Runefall es un juego interesante, una vez que entras en el mundo medieval y en enteder como se juega, después de un poco de investigación, se vuelve simple el expresarlo a los usuarios.

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