New Website, New Life!

Hello and welcome all! After our first few months of activity, it was about time to renew the website with all languages and freelancers who joined the team in the meantime! For some of you, translation has become a full time activity, with articles, games, even some books. For others, we are still at the beginning… even though it’s a very promising start!

There are so many new ideas to be put into action, including being more active on our freelancing websites (especially on Upwork) and on the social media, other than on our very own website. Here are some of the new features we are implementing in the next weeks.

Our website

First of all, we need to keep it simple, our potential clients need to see how we are different from others, without getting “lost in translation” – or rather lost in navigation. So, one simple menu for languages, with some brief information on our professionals.

Our strength are our people, individuals. No machines, no “secret agency”, no outsourcing, but selected individual professional translators (and proofreaders). That’s why we will be adding a page with a list of the professionals, including our new project managers and my personal, special manager, my newly wed wife, our Czech translator, Hana.

Regarding the social media presence, instead of the informal Facebook, we decided to opt for the more professional LinkedIn, where many of us already have an account. We would like to connect to you all there, where we will also publish some articles and news, which should be shared, in order to promote our network.

Last but not least, we have a new Live Chat, at the bottom of the sidebar. How does it work? Very simple, you can access it by typing your name, or using Facebook/Twitter for identification, and then you can just type your message. That will stay there and hopefully will find an answer soon. We don’t receive instant notification if we are offline, however, let’s be honest, we are online most of the times…

It’s blog time!

Yes, we are starting a blog, and this might actually be the most important part of our future website. The blog will include a few different categories: News, Interviews and Projects, for now. News will include website updates, major projects, but also important individual developments (remember, the personal note is what makes us different from others).

Interviews will be of two types: translators and clients. Each of you, in the future weeks, will receive some questions, to which you will answer in your own native language. Some questions will be personal, some other professional. Same will happen with some of our clients or connections. Each interview will count about 500 words and will be very informal, easy going. It will take you less than one hour and it will be very useful for our website.

Articles about projects will have an important limitation: we cannot showcase most of what we do, because of copyright. However, we can talk about projects without showing protected material. These articles will include the nature of the project, the word count and the languages involved, plus a short comment made by each translator (one or two sentences).

Tag me…

All articles in the blog will include tags. These will be language related, or person related. So, there will be one tag for each language, and one tag for each of us. In the homepage, all tags (and categories) will be shown and easy to click… a quick way for our future clients to simply see what each of us did in the past and who is involved in each language.

So… that’s it for today, I really hope all these news will thrill you as much as they thrill me. Thank you for all your ideas and suggestions, which are always welcome. Our success depends on the quality of our work… but also on our passion to share!


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